Monday, July 30, 2007

The "Shuff!"

this has been inspired by the fact that adam's shuffle was super sweet, and the pure fact that im rather bored and should be doing billing at the office right now. but humorously enough....i really dont care to do it riht now! for the past three days my ipod nano has been flipping out by resetting itself if i skip through songs too fast. this has made me one of two things when this happens if not both. a. extremely annoyed, and b. calmy suprised by its picks when it comes back on. this just so happens to be some of the songs it picked, and as i sit here typing it makes me laugh cause the first few were very rap or dance related! ENJOY

1. Pharacyde- Runnin'
im pretty sure that this is an older song that i just have never heard, but while watching entourage (my favorite man show) this song come on at the ending credits, and i instantly fell in love with not only the beat but the classic sond it had to it. i searched high and low to findo out who it was, and funny enough not but a month ago hbo finally started keeping track of the music on the show! Viva la Entourage!

2. Latryx- Lady Dont Tek No
this is another song that i have not seen a vidoe to, but that i saw at the ending credits of Entourage. whats great about this song is that it has that old style beat kinda like old 80s rap, but yet the lyrics are in a catagory all their own. there arent enough words to tell you how many times this song has come on and i started dancing in my car, makeing a fool outta myself!

3. Jamiroquai- Feels Like It Should
this is a song that i saw at like 3am on mtv when they actually play something other than teeny bop shit and reality shows. the video kinda reminded me of the fatboy slim video with Christopher Walken which had to be my favorite video of all time. but what makes this video unique to fatboy is that jay dresses up like the joker and dances through the conscience streets of a man looking for a hooker. if you havent heard this song or seen the video, find it! youll laugh and love the song for its pure genious

4. 311- Beyond the Gray Skies
this song makes my heart sink everytime i hear it im not sure why though for it is most definatly not the most depressing song ive ever heard. i guess this song is great because it takes me back to the days of high school and all the memories that i try to forget, but are obviously worth remembering!

5. The Cinematics- Forget
I Love This SONG! while working out and watching mtv hitlist, this song came on and i immediately fell in love. theres something about the 80's sounding/cure/ almost modest mouse sond they have to this song that i love. im sure that some will disagree about that discription (if anyone actually reads this) but to make it for certain download this song, then put on modest mouse's We've got everything, and youll see what i mean. the onyl reason i say that is because it came on right after the cinematics and i thought the say song was coming back on!

So there....thats my story and im sticking to it!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

The 10 Spot

Im really not too sure how many people actually read this are even really give a damn about my musical opinion, but it has been a while since ive written anything so i thought id go for a 10 spot. thats right folks...not 1..not 5....but 10. so here we go!
1. Young Folks - Peter, Bjorn and John
This song i love for the pure fact that like all songs that i see while im up at three am i thought that i was the first to hear it, and pretty sure i still am. but then mtv starts to play it after that all the time and then i get into my car and cant turn on the radio without hearing it three thousand more times. i think the cartoon video for, although it seems to have nothing to do with the song is rather awesome and original...and who else would think to start a song off with whistling?
2.Idioteque - Radiohead - Kid A
I laugh when i hear this song play at first because it brings back all the old memories of being by myself in so cal doing nothing but working and surfing. dont get me wrong i listened to this song regiliously before then, but for some reason (and im sure im not alone on this) my brain catagoizes memories with music that i love. one of those memories i have to say wass seeing radiohead on the hail to the thief tour and watching them perform that song live. it was then that i realized that some songs were better left undone live!
3.These Things - She Wants Revenge - Self Titled
This c.d. definately was not my favorite of all time, but what cemented my reasons for liking them was going to Edge fest and seeing them in the dead of heat perform most of the album. i really was not expecting these guys to be very good, but then again i missed half the show waiting to pick up my tickets at will call. to this day i cant listent to the entire album, but i pray to all thats holy that they dont become one hit wonders.
4. Go It Alone- Beck - Guero
There are not too many cds that i can listen to start to finish before my add goes off and i start skipping one or two songs, but not this album. if i could interview beck my first two questions would be 1. where did the inspiration come from to write an entire album (guero) singing parts in both spanish and english, and 2. did the song debra actually happen or is it just a song and howd you think of it! i think beck has to be a musical god among men, for there arent too many musicians that could pull off the kind of sound beck does!
5.Perhaps - Cake - Fashion Nugget
It makes me chuckle to think that i was in the 8th grade when this album came out and i used to listen to it religiously. so much so that i had the entire thing memorized word for word in just under three months. this used to be the album id put on while walking to and fro from middle school to home. sadly at that time that was really the only cd i owned, for i wasnt really making any money and i really didnt get out much! it makes me sad that a lot of people seem to think that theyre musical sellouts, but i have to disagree. i will say however over the better part or a decade their sound has not changed one bit. their latest cd still sounds like things that they did from fashion nugget.
6. Touch the Sky- Kanye West- Late Registration
Ha....theres not too much you can say about Kanye, you either love him or you dont. well i take that back cause i dont exactly love him. bit as far as his musci goes you either like it or you dont. i think i mostly like this video because i love the fact that he took it back to the 70's look and incorporated a Evil Keneval look and Lupe Fiasco makes a debut before his album came out.
7.Shoot Down the Stars- Gym Class Heroes- As Mean as School Children
I have to say that even thought i have not listened to this album all the way through, this has to be one of my favorites other than Clothes Off. it does make me sad that though that MTV finds it acceptable to play this song after promoting cupids chokehold which happenes to be on the second cd and not the first. it always confuses me when bands allow this to happen. you put out one cd and dont promote it one bit, but people buy it and love it. then you make a second one people like it as well, you promote the shit out of it, but then you start promoting the first again.. wtf
8. Battle of Who Could Care Less- Ben Folds 5 - Whatever and Ever Amen
This song made me fall in love with piano music. well i should really say that this it the first bf5 song i heard thanks to Sari, who when we were in highschool would listen to nothing but ben folds. at first i dodnt see what all the hype was about, but now i can cause this song in particular is just ine you could roll the windows down in your car and just blast all day.
9. Beyond the Gray Sky- 311 - Greatest Hits
Even though this is a super sad song, i do believe its one of the best hands down song that 311 ever wrote. thats really all im going to say about that. if you havent heard it, i suggest you do and youll know what im talking about!
And last but not least
10. Everyday is Exactly the Same- NIN - With Teeth
im rather surprised my shuffle picked this directly after 311. i have to agree with adam( who writes the monday morn. shuffle) i want to meet the guy who wrote the algorythm for itunes. but back to the song....its rather dark, but if youve listened to it then youll realize that the lyrics are speaking the truth.
and thats that
! Enjoy

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Memorable Top 5!

its been a while since ive written anything (hopefully someone is reading), so i thought that id make a top five of songs that can take you back! those songs that just make you kinda say, " wow...i remember what was going on when that come out!" not keep in mind that my ipod is on random so this was kinda hard so im going to try my best and make for sure that these kinda stay true to what i just said! here goes nothin!

1. El Scorcho- Weezer
ha this song takes me back to my days in so cal after high school. i wasnt a real big fan of weezer before that...their ethics of show throwing kinda made me mad. you may remember a time when weezer threw a 5 dollar show at rawhide (when it was still in scottsdale), i was so excited for this show! they played i believe 4 songs and then left, and all i remember is swearing off weezer! well...i got over it! this song always reminds me of that concert was hot as hell and mike lisi and i had a kick ass time waiting for them, only to suck it up and leave! oh well...still a great song!
2. Mr. Wendel- Arrested Development
we were real young when this song came out, but when i saw the video for this song all i kept thinking was; "how cool theres a homeless guy just dancing and not doing anything!" i do believe that this was the frist band to have a posse of people not doing anything for the sake of the song and/ or video! the lyrics to this song tell the story of a homeless guy who supposedly teaches the lead singer more than what he did wasting money in college. i think that if more people listened to this song and then went out and met a homeless person, theyd realize that this is the truth! youd be suprised what you can learn from a bum!
3. Supersonic- Oasis
this song fell in line with the many that fueled the high school movement for me. quite like wonderwall, this song really made you stop and just listen. i think that they did a great job with this album and futhermore showed you why two english brothers will never make it in a band!
4. White, Discussion- Live
i never quite got the reason behind why this song had two names for a title. i can definately see why its called discussion, but not really why its called white. off the throwing copper album, i can remember listening to this entire album and thinking that live was going to be the next greatest thing since sliced bread. but somewhere along the road they got older and a lot softer, which i think was a baaaaaaaddddd move on their part! i think afer lakinis juice, which was a GREAT son and an even better video, people thought that they were going to be a hard rock band. now a days they sond like something im going to run across on KYOT (smooth jazz).
5. In the mean time- Spacehog
AWESOME! thats really all i can say about this song! that and its sad that there arent really any other songs on this album that i really cared for. i guess that that makes them a one hit wonder in my eyes!
to the readers,(if any) i hope you enjoy! let me know what you think!

Monday, February 19, 2007

The Vegas Quintet

To the many artists who made the 5 hour car ride home from this weekends Vegas NBA All Star-weekend, i tip my hat to you! This is a blog in so many words to thank you for keeping my sanity! Its also a blog to tip the hat to the fact that i found another place to finalize my words on a public site that will hopefully gain some attention. And last but not least to show someone who shall remain nameless that there is a band out there that actually thanks radiohead publicly for the inspiration of their music!
Whether you like Radiohead or not is your own thing, but say what you will and Radiohead will still be by far one of the best British bands that has lead the way for 90's and now generation of rebellious quasi electronic rock. Now at this point you are probably wondering which band in their right mind could say that the formed a band in the light of these 80's Cure/ New Order wanna Be's.......
And that band would have to be.......none other than........Muse
That's right folks. The band that brought you such sounds as Sing for Absolution and others gives thanks to Radiohead for the inspiration behind lyrics and music! AWESOME.......I now consider this case SOLVED!
Now to the Countdown of Las Vegas Sanity
1.) Gymclass Heros - Papercut Chonicles
Any band who can be original enough to write lyrics around any and every relationship, that has either lasted and failed, or had a humorous outcome and then failed and had the balls to sing it to the public has my up most respect. There are very few bands out there who can have such originality to do so and still be somewhat popular.
2.) T.V on the Radio- Return to Cookie Mountain
This c.d. and/ or band was described to me as nothing but a bunch of no talent garage band members who had no idea what talent of music was. In all actuality, i find that once you give them a chance that a lot of the music beyond the crazy lyrics are actually no that bad. You have to give them credit that they have a lot of faith in the public to put out something so different sounding, when a large mass of the populous is accustom to the same sounding loop over chords every other band plays!
3.) Radiohead- Hail to the Thief
What can be said about Radiohead that i haven't already said in previous above paragraphs, other than the fact that HttT had to be one of the better sounding cd's they put out since Kid A. Now a lot of critics said that this album(Kid A) was rather crazy and quite remnant of past 80' sounding punk bands....whether that's true or not...i don't know....don't really care, but that's that !
4.) 311 - Grassroots
A(n) much older cd from the 311 catalog, this album seems to bring back so many memories of high school events. So many from the times of Friday night away football games and the bus rides with the guys (Sanjay and Shane). Good time and GREAT music, which most would say if this sophomoric album would have been heard by more than a handful: "probably one of the greatest they've made so far!''
5.) Silversun Pickups- Lazyeye
Whilst i have not heard the entire cd, i have to say that this song as particularly caught my undivided attention for the pure fact that they just may be the best new (publicly mtv introduced) band of 2007. The fact that the song starts out rather mellow and then picks up to a fast paced tempo, only to slow back down makes me rather amped!. This is the first band i think i can happily say can take a mellow song....start to scream...then calm it down, that can keep my attention and make me enjoy their music. That and the video is not that shabby while still keeping the low key aspect of the band!